Enrichment Program


We are pleased to offer an Enrichment Program at Evergreen Christian School (ECS). This is a 1 day a week, self-contained elementary school program for highly capable students entering grades 1-5.  The Enrichment Program offers students a rigorous academic curriculum in which students are expected to meet standards approximately one year above their regular grade level.


Goals of the Enrichment Program are:

  • To bring together highly capable students to challenge them and create a more effective learning dynamic

  • To provide accelerated academic opportunities for students of high intellectual and academic achievement

  • To offer a rigorous academic curriculum which will prepare students for learning opportunities at the secondary level and beyond

  • To offer an environment where highly capable students are encouraged to reach their full potential

  • To address the social and emotional needs of students through peer interaction and fostering a sense of community


To help decide whether to nominate your student for this program, please read and think carefully about your student in relation to the Characteristics of the Highly Capable Student as outlined below. In addition, because of the accelerated academic nature of this program, it is advisable that you speak with your student’s teacher to determine if he/she is functioning above grade level particularly in the areas of reading and mathematics.

The assessment is designed to evaluate each student's unique talents and learning needs.  While every ECS student is gifted in many ways, this program may not be the best fit for some of our students and we look forward to discussing the assessments with you to make the best decision for your child.

If you have any questions we welcome you to contact cyndi@ecsolympia.com or traceys@ecsolympia.com or call our office at 357-5590.

                          Enrichment Program students visiting BizTown.

                          Enrichment Program students visiting BizTown.