Dear Parents of Evergreen Christian School,

Whether you’re new to ECS or your kids have been attending for years, there are always new and exciting events, as well as the old standards to participate in each year. Most of these events you can find on the school calendar.

Many people don’t know what the PTM does (come to the first meeting to get the scoop!). Our mission is to support ECS, its students, staff and families and raise up the next generation for Christ by providing community building and academic enrichment activities. We do this by hosting events, fundraisers and programs to build up our community, as well as hold community-building activities, organizing after-school enrichment programs, helping to support staff development and by purchasing supplies and equipment not in the budget. This includes, but is not limited to: purchasing playground equipment, improving the library, buying sports uniforms, providing computers for the technology lab, etc.

One last thing, there are ways in which to contribute to the PTM monetarily without spending any extra effort. Go to these websites to find out how:

We hope you get involved with the PTM this year and really help our events be a smash! We will have monthly meetings, which will be held in room 207 to discuss current and future events and programs. Please know that coming to a meeting in no way commits you volunteering or making a large time commitment in any way. We just want you to be informed about what’s going on around the school. We will also strive to make volunteering fun and accessible to ALL parents. You will NEVER be turned away! 

Ways to connect with or contact the PTM:

  1. Join the “Evergreen Christian School PTM” Facebook Page:
  2. The PTM email:

Thank you all so much for your time and support.


Dawn Kitley and the PTM team