School Closures:

Here at ECS we have an emergency and school closure alert system for the parents of our students and staff. The FlashAlert company uses texting, push notifications and email to let you know that we have a school closure or if there is an emergency here at school that you should know about. In addition to sending you the information, the FlashAlert System also distributes to our local Olympia radio stations and Seattle TV stations so you can tune into them to see if school is closed. If it is a possible snow day you can also look on our Facebook Page and School Website's Breaking News button for closure information as well. The one thing that is nice about the FlashAlert System is that if the weather isn't necessarily bad, but we have a closure due to a power outage (like we did last year), or other unforeseen problem, you will receive notification and not have to drive all the way to school to find out that we are closed. So sign up for FlashAlert today!


FlashAlert System Sign-Up Instructions:  

1.  Please go to their website to set up your emails and other tablet devices.  (Directions for cell phone push notifications are in the **NOTE paragraph.) 

2.  Click on the Seattle spot on the map.  

3.  Click on South Sound Private Schools.  

4.  Click on Evergreen Christian School - Olympia.  

5.  Type in your primary email and click subscribe.

6. Type in your primary information.  

7. You will receive a validation code on your primary email that you must look up and type onto the FlashAlert page before you can add another email account or set up more devices. 

8. Please read all the paragraphs below the upper box.  If you must receive a text instead of a push notification you will need to read the paragraph about texting and click there to find out how to write your number as an email for email slot #2 or #3. 

**NOTE: This year the FlashAlert System is wanting us to move over to push notifications instead of texting, as cell telephone companies are not sending these texts on time or only sending half of the message. They would like us to start using the FlashAlert Messenger App for cell phones. To get the FlashAlert Messenger App, go to your App Store on your cell phone and install it to receive the push notifications.  Make sure you have created your account before downloading the App so that you can link the App to your account.