Evergreen Christian School is committed to providing an exceptional Christ-centered education. We continue to grow and develop through our fourth decade of ministry. We do this with a partnership between the leadership of our ECC Executive Board, ECS Advisory Board, administration, faculty, staff, PTM (Parent Teacher Ministry) and families who work cooperatively to implement improvements required to keep up with other Christian, private, and secular schools, and keep up with today’s educational needs. The Family Stewardship Program creates that partnership and is aimed at utilizing the strengths of our students' families by increasing participation in order to defray costs and improve our community.

What does Family Stewardship mean for you? Similar to many private institutions like ECS, we require each family to commit 20 hours of work related to the activities of ECS each year. ECS encourages the gifts and talents with which each of our families are blessed with, meaning that this significant output can be accomplished in many different ways by any or all members of each family. Families unable to participate in the Family Stewardship Program will be charged $10.00 per unfulfilled hour. Late entrance families will have pro-rated required hours. Additional hours of service would be of course, greeted with enthusiasm and greatly appreciated!

Families with ONLY preschoolers at ECS are asked to complete 5 hours per family. If you have a preschooler and a student K-8th grade at ECS, the 20 hour requirement applies.

We know that many hands make light work and are excited to continue this program. Thank you for blessing our staff and faculty, we know you will feel the blessings upon you as well.

Examples of volunteer work may include tutoring students, helping out in the school library or office, assisting teachers with daily assignments, driving or chaperoning for field trips, and special projects, assisting with the W.A.T.C.H. Dog Program, serving on PTM, helping with fundraisers like the Family Fall Festival, the Father-Daughter Dance; securing items for the Visions Auction, etc. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the school office or contact your child’s teacher.

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