Evergreen Christian School has been able to do amazing things with support from generous families just like yours.  We are so grateful for friends like you who share our love for this school and, most importantly, the students and staff.  It continues to be our mission to have each student Be Known.  To be known academically, to be known in the community, and to be know spiritually.  Every time we succeed in this mission lives change!

ECS has been providing private Christian education to families throughout the south Puget Sound region for more than 40 awe-inspiring years, raising children to be known and to love and serve God.  We are so very proud of the students we have served and of all of our alumni and their contributions in our community and beyond.

Building this school to support our students would not be possible without donations from friends like you.  Thanks to the gifts of generous supporters, we have been able to make an important difference on the campus in the past few years.  This includes updating our technology lab with iMacs, adding playground equipment, and purchasing Chromebooks for our classrooms, along with many other amazing things!

We aren’t done yet!  We continue to work to raise funds to provide additional scholarships and add valuable curriculum and technology to our classrooms. 

To help with these efforts, please look at ways to give or contact us at 360-357-5590 to help. 

Thank you!