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English at ECS encompasses the full range of language arts. These are the areas of study:

1. Grammar ~ At ECS students learn grammar and conventions starting in 3rd grade all the way through 8th grade. By the end of 8th grade, students have a solid knowledge base and understand how to write better as a result.

2. Writing ~ Middle school students write frequently for different purposes and within various subjects. Sometimes what one writes for one of the other subjects is brought into the English environment to fine-tune an assignment. 

3. Spelling, Vocabulary, and study of Greek and Latin roots ~ Word choice is featured in writing, students read quality material in which word choice is examined, and a formal spelling and vocabulary curriculum is used that features words based on a certain root(s) per every two weeks.

4. Reading ~ Formal reading textbooks provide a wide sample of all types of writing for students to read and develop higher-level thinking skills. In addition, novel use balances such a broad area of learning and development.

The Language Arts are base-level skills woven into all of the STEM subjects. 

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Lynette VandeKieft

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