Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back to school, and Welcome, 2019! I pray you all had a Christ-filled Christmas and very restful break from school. I could tell the students were a little groggy upon return from being "off schedule" for a few weeks, but then, I was, too, so we gently made our way back to the school schedule. 

This week all three grade levels (and grades 1-5 as well) participated in the ECS spelling bees. I was privileged to be a part of all of them. What fun! It made for an odd week in the classroom as I was only in class on Wednesday, students had a guest teacher another day, and the third day they were with me in the spelling bees! :) 

Next week we start up again with the Greek and Latin 2.27 test (and Latin 7) on Tuesday and "I Have a Dream" speech outlines due on Wednesday. Outlines can be written in Google Docs and "shared" or written by hand. All are due that day. I look forward to reading about the topics they will passionately share the following week in their speeches! The following week is "Speech Week," and we may not have time for much more than that. 

Have a blessed weekend, and I look forward to our return after a weekend to help reset our internal clocks to "school time." :) 


Mrs. V.