As you all know, this week we closed 1st Quarter. Can you believe that we have gone this far already in the year? I want to say thank you to all of you as this has been a wonderful start to the 2018-2019 academic year. We cannot say enough how much your support means to us. Please spread good news around about our middle school. We love your kids!

I made a few changes in my 7th grade planning in agreement with the class, so I uploaded an  updated copy of the English Planner for your reference. We are now all on track... 

By the end of December, all classes will  have finished up their novels and finished up the writing projects associated with them. The 6th grade, in particular, has enjoyed the novel I am reading aloud to them, so we have had a lot of fun together. In grammar, sentence structure direct instruction will have been concluded; however, my use of the jargon or words I use when referring to sentence structure in writing will continue as students learn to evaluate their own sentences. In January we'll open with the study of verbs along with a review of nouns, and by third quarter, the punctuation units will be our focus of study for likely the entire quarter.  

There is so much GOOD going on in English with your students. I am excited as I see them grow in understanding and application of what they are learning. I know sometimes it can be hard to see that progress, but it's happening! 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Mrs. V.