6th Grade: This week has been focused all on Mitosis! We have been continuing to make our Mitosis Lapbooks, which have turned out SO COOL! Your 6th grader should have gone home this week with their Mitosis Lapbook to use as a study guide for the Mitosis quiz on Wednesday, January 23. Please use these tools to help quiz your student and test their knowledge before this big quiz. I think you will be very impressed with how well they have grasped such a complex subject; I sure am. 

7th Grade: The 7th grade class has been continuing their study on the nervous system and finished studying the 5 senses this week with a look at taste and smell. They completed 9 flipbooks full of information that they used as a study guide to prepare for their quiz on the nervous system last Thursday. Next week, the students will jump into the endocrine system and will be learning about the complexity of hormones within our bodies. 

8th Grade: The students completed one unit and began another this week with their quiz over DNA and Lesson 6, their Unit II Test, and the start of new textbooks. Your 8th grader received a new textbook entitled, "Physical Science", which is a loaned textbook for them to use while at ECS. At the end of the school year, they will need to return this textbook for the next group of students to use the following year. Please encourage your student to take care of these books and to not write in them in order to avoid being charged for a replacement copy. These new textbooks are what your student will see next year as they enter into high school and it is my desire to ease them into high level science. We briefly began discussing the atom on Thursday and will continue Chapter 3.2 next week with a quiz over this material on Thursday, January 24.