6th grade:

This week 6th grade took a closer look at homeostasis with a lab on blood pressure and blood sugar. We learned how to observe and record our blood pressure and how to determine our blood sugar. The students learned about type 1 and type 2 diabetes and how this disorder can affect how a diabetic’s body struggles to maintain homeostasis. Several students were brave and volunteers to prick their finger to test their blood sugar but were rewarded with candy, which them showed a rapid increase in blood sugar. 6th grade also studied passive and active transport within our cells. We demonstrated diffusion with a super fun skittle lab where diffusion was demonstrated right before our eyes! We learned about cellular respiration and even made art projects demonstrating the different forms of transportation in and out of cells. 

7th grade:

This week 7th grade studied homeostasis with a lab on blood pressure and blood sugar. The students learned about the tools needed to observe and record these different vital signs and the proper units that correlate to the measurements. The students observed how quickly blood sugar can rise even several minutes after eating a piece of candy. The 7th graders learned about type 1 and type 2 diabetes and how homeostasis is more difficult to achieve for diabetics when it comes to blood sugar control. The students completed a large research paper on three different body systems this week where they researched the function of their chosen body system and some disorders and diseases associated with that body system. In addition, the 7th graders completed their first exam of the year on Thursday and demonstrated academic excellence in their successful grades. 

8th grade:

The 8th grade class continued their unit on Mitosis this week. They learned about The Cell Cycle and how somatic cells survive and thrive. We learned about each stage of mitosis and how replication of DNA, chromosomal separation, and proper cell checkpoints are extremely important to having healthy cells. The students took a closer look at cancer and how the uncontrolled replication of these cells can cause traumatic harm to our bodies. The 8th graders made excellent individual posters of each mitosis stage, from which their teacher was highly impressed with their attention to detail. How beautiful that our God pours so much detail and care into even our smallest of cells? Our God is the ultimate scientist. 

Mrs. Bethany H Reaves 
Middle School Science