6th Grade: 

Last Week- 6th grade did one of the coolest labs of the school year last week! We took materials you can find around the house (dish soap, salt, water) and extracted the DNA from strawberries. The students were able to obtain so much DNA that they could pick it up with a toothpick and observe it with their naked eyes. Amazing. We discussed how amazing it is that one strawberry can contain that much DNA, and to only think about how much DNA our own bodies contain is mind blowing. We also made a "6th Grade Frankenstein Monster" by constructing a giant monster with traits and genes from each student in the 6th grade.

This Week- Despite the Terra Nova testing, the 6th graders were still able to having some fun continuing their study of DNA. We learned about DNA mutations, what these errors can cause physically, and how DNA and RNA make proteins within our ribosomes. 

Next Week- The lesson on DNA will come to an end next week on Monday with a review for a quiz over Lesson 6 on Thursday, April 25. There will also be an open-book packet with questions from all of Unit II that we will complete within the 50 minute class time on Friday, April 26. 

7th Grade:

Last Week- 7th grade proved to be total rockstars with their impressive DNA models that they presented in class on April 9. Wow, such creativity and imagination. The students began an interesting lesson on the immune system, where we have been discussing how our bodies are so specifically and meticulously designed to fight off pathogens and keep us healthy. 

This Week- Despite the Terra Nova testing, the 7th graders continued to look at the immune system and just how important it is. We did a fun GLOW GERM LAB where special lotion and an ultra violet flashlight exposed all the small places germs like to hide on our hands. We also discussed and learned good hand washing skills, why building our immune systems as babies is necessary, how vaccines were discovered and tested, and more. 

Next Week-We will complete our study of the immune system, practice graphing scientific data related to illness, review for the quiz, and have a quiz over Lesson 1, Unit II (immune system) on Friday, April 26.

8th Grade:

Last Week- 8th grade started last week off with a lab on distillation, where we demonstrated how to take a solution and remove the solutes with the use of time and heat. The students also looked at solubility, concentration, and scientific graphing. 

This Week- Despite the Terra Nova testing, the 8th graders made positive improvement on their study of solutions, boiling point, freezing point, and chemical reactions. We discussed important chemistry basics with a chapter on chemical reactions. We celebrated a successful and full week with a science movie day on Friday. 

Next Week- Monday, April 22 with be a test over chapters 3.1.1 - 3.1.5. This test will be a very important representation of their comprehension of the last several weeks of the 3rd quarter. After this test, we will continue to study chemical reactions and their parts, reaction rates, and reaction factors.